About Me


I am a Danish photographer who mainly takes nature photos: landscapes, animals, night pictures, travel images and much more.

My background is over 30 years of working in the graphic arts. When I started working the technology was not digital, but that fortunately changed with the development of the world.
My specialty was scanning and processing photos and transparency slides. Later the whole thing became digital, which made everything much easier and it also provided many more opportunities with, for example, Adobe Photoshop.

The interest in photography started in the mid seventies when I started my education as reprophotographer. I bought a Yashica film camera and established a darkroom for black and white photos. And there I was, developing films and making paper photos in the ortochromatic light. Friends and acquaintances used me constantly to portraits of themselves and their children.

Today I have of course a digital camera, tripod, flash and other equipment. The computer is now my darkroom where I can work with the photos I take and where I have my archive.

Besides my interest in photography, my other interest is my website at which you are looking now.