Spain - Andalusia

In the fall of 2018 we went on a tour of Andalusia, Spain. We visited the cities of Granada, Cordoba, Sevilla, Ronda and eventually Marbella. A magnificent trip where we had the opportunity to visit many places and had many experiences with home.

Night Photography in Odense

Photographing in the evening is also something I find quite interesting. And the city of Odense where I live, can be a good place to try this. Here there are many things such as festivals and celebrations of different stuff that can make night photography fun. Many buildings are illuminated and look very good in the evening.


Copenhagen is nice to visit all around the year. But these photos were taken in an autumn where the light from the sun is special and where the trees and leaves have warm colors.


Both wild and domestic animals are popular subjects for many photographers. But it can be difficult to capture the perfect images of an animal as it may not have the slightest desire to be a model. Furthermore, there is a big difference between wild and domestic animals. Animals - exactly as a child - are unpredictable image objects.

Macro and closeup

These photos were made on a day were I joined a photogroup called Foto5000 here in Odense. It's nice meeting other photographers in order to get inspiration. This day the subject was Macro and Closeup. I met the other in a nature area here in Odense, where there is forest, lake and a stream.


Autumn is a beautiful season in the nature. All the trees get beautiful red, brown and yellow colors on the leaves. A walk in the forest in sunshine at this time of year is a breathtaking affair. And coming in the nature to photograph the autumn is a privilege.


We have been to Brazil three times, partly to visit my wife's family, but also to see Rio de Janeiro, Paraty and Maceió. A lovely country with very large contrasts in society and landscapes.


There are good photomotives to take in Egypt. If you like this, take to Luxor where the Karnak temple is located. There is a trip to the temple at the time when the evening begins. The temple is illuminated and there are many things to photograph here.

Flowers and plants

When I'm on a photo journey I am interested in photographing nature: it can be flowers, plants and insects. These photos are from Denmark and from other countries. To see and photograph the colors and structure of these motives is really nice.


In a storehouse at the local harbor here in Odense, youngsters had been allowed to decorate the inside and outside with grafitti. There are many nice paintings, but unfortunately the storehouse does not exist anymore.

Malta and Gozo

Less than 100 km from the coast of Italy, surrounded by the warm Mediterranean waters, lie the islands of Malta and Gozo - like pearls in the Maltese archipelago in the Mediterranean. And as always when we are on vacation, so I take a lot of photos on the trip.

Sunset and Sunrise

When the sun goes up and down on the horizon, it is a beautiful sight. This photo motif is pretty much photographed all over the world. I do not shoot many sunsets and sunrises because there are plenty of photos on this subject around, but beautiful it is.


Winter is cold weather, but also very beautiful scenery if there is snow and frost, especially when the sun is shining on it. When the sun is on, it's fun for a photographer to go out and take photos.


Azores is a lovely island group, where the climate is wonderfully mild year round. There are not too many tourists, as the local government allows a certain number per year. There are a lot of photo objects here and I got many photos to take home.

Sand Sculptures

Every year in a small town called Søndervig by the west coast of Jutland, they have a Sand Sculpture festival where sculptors from around the world are invited to make sand sculptures with different themes.


Everybody loves a nice summer, some like it hot others don't. It's a time of the year where there are contrasts everywhere. There are a lot of colors and flowers and plants are bloming. 


Most of all i photograph animals, nature and night shots. But it can happen that I take pictures of some people that I find interesting.

Odense City Life

Odense is Denmark's third largest city and it's home to around 200,000 people. There are bustling streets, people hurrying along, but also a quiet life with cafés and nature with parks and a river where you can hire rowing boats, or take a trip with the motor boat to Odense Zoo.

Stige Island

Stige Island is part of Odense, and is today a natural area which used frequently by locals. A part of Stige Island was in old times a waste depot, but it is now turned into a beautiful area.

Funen Village

The Funen Village includes some thirty buildings dating from the 17th to the 19th century, all of which were moved to the museum from various sites in the Funen region.
A village enviroment has been created here comprising half-timbered houses, flower gardens, fenced enclosures, livestock and animals, a village pond and a village street - all surrounded by cultivated fields.

By the Water

Most people love the sea, rivers and lakes. And for a photographer there are many motives to find by the coast, along watercourses and lakes.


Dyreborg is a small idyllic town on the south Funen. There are old half-timbered houses and an idyllic harbor with a forest nearby. A very photogenic small town.

Forest and Field

All the year around a lot happens in the nature in the fields and forests. Here are some photos taken around on Funen where I live.

Rome Italy

Rome is an incredibly exciting city and there are many attractions within easy reach. It is impossible to get bored in Rome.

B/W with color

Photos mixed in black and white and color